When he kissed me?

Something doesnt belong.
What is it?

Yep, the second one.
I saw that and my face automatically was looking like...

I mean, I'm not trying to come at my homosexual homies, Lord knows I love you, but dang
"Female demo" or not, youre setting yourself up for a world of trouble with this song.
(Your lips already have niggies talking reckless).

P.S. Speaking of Ne-Yo's lips, it is so stupid how people judge others as "gay" over stupid ish that has nothing to do with sexual orientation.
Lips? Forreal yall?

P.S.S. Song kinda sucks...

P.S.S.S. This reminds me of my dad.
He took my iPod to workout, came back and was,"Is there a gay singer out there now? There is a guy on here talking about kissing another guy in the club."
Im like,"Uh no Dad. That's just a demo for a girl song."
I was weak. lol

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