Music Monday. 11.16.09

1) Jet Audio-"Lose Your Mind"
Im digging this.

2) Samantha James-"Send it out to the Universe"
If you are ever feeling uninspired or hopeless, listen to this song.
The lyrics are the truth and it makes me feel happy.
Plus, I truly believe it:
"Send it out to the universe. Let it fly away. Send it out to the universe. Whatever's meant to be will be." = instant comfort.

3) K-OS- "4,3,2,1"
We can always count on K-OS to have some catchy tune celebrating b-boys and b-girls in the video.

4) The Kickdrums ft. Kid Cudi-"Sky High"
Not new by any means, but damn I love this junt.
And please do yourself a favor and jump on The Kickjumps if you havent already taken that leap.
They are the shit; Im just saying.

1) Wale-"Shades"
This song is so real.
Its a shame what black people have to go through just by being black.
Plus Chrisette's voice sounds great on this track!

2) Cherish- "Show and Tell"
This song has always done it for me.

3) Heatwave- "This night we fell"
I love this group.
They can do no wrong in my eyes.
This is exactly where they get the term "oldie but goodie" from.

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