Music Mondays. 11.30.09

1) Wiz Khalifa- "Studio Lovin"
I love this song(off his newly released album "Deal or no Deal".)
I also love how they say Johnny Juliano. It's #adorable.

2) Wiz Khalifa-"Red Carpet"
Another dope song off the album.
"Gettin mo' scrill, deal or no deal, uh"

3) Tyga-"Heaven or hell"
I love the beat of this song. Hella happy.
This is off Tyga's latest mixtape "Black Thought" <--Cop it.

4) Kelis- "Acapella"
This song is different,I like it tho.
This is the first single off her up and coming album titled "Acapella"

5) John Mayer- "Do you know me"
He is the man. Nuff said.
This song is just one of MANY great songs off "Battle Studies"<--Cop it!



1) Girl Talk "That's My DJ"
GT is def. one of my favorite groups; it's crazy how talented they are.
"Thats my DJ" is an oldie, but a mos def a goodie.
They should have a new album coming out soon so I'll post ALOT more of their stuff!

2) Aerosmith-"Dream On"
One of my favorite rock songs.
I used to be jamming back to this in highschool man.
His voice is just sick and that guitar intro is funky as hell.

3) Kid Cudi-"My World"
I want to carry his seed.
That is all. lol

4) Sade-"Lovers Rock"
I am so happy I grew up on Sade.
I had a friend who hated her and I officially didnt trust their judgement. lol jk
But this has to be one of the most sensual, chill songs to grace my ears.
And then the Brasilian vibe is fresh.


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