Feliz cumpleanos Jesus!

How are your holidays going?!

Our holiday is going great!
On Christmas Eve we chilled at the aunts crib, ate too much good food and watched the latest "Harry Potter" and "Angels & Demons" (which ironically are probably the worst Christmas movies in history, ha).

And now, Christmas is finally here and we are having a lovely day!
We slept late, opened gifts and have been watching "The Game" marathon, "A Christmas Story", Christmas cartoons and basketball with the fam all day.
Sidenote: Leslie and I both got iPod touches and some other cool stuff like a Wii Fit.

And as a Christmas tradition, we are about to watch this adorable HBO show,"Twas the Night"!
Its basically alot of hilarious children talking about what the holidays mean to them.
Trust me, if you watch this show, you will be in tears because those midgets are so hilarious and so sweet...
It's on HBO:On Demand and yall have to check it out at least once and let me know how it affected your lives overall. ha

Sidenote: Speaking of lives, here's Leslie (left), me (middle) and our little brother early in our lives when we were 4 & 3 years old and 6-months-old.
*For some reason, I thought my bro was 1-yr-old until I realized he had little-to-no neck control and looked like Jabba the Hut. ha
And man, I was sick in this picture!
I was sneezing so much blood Christmas morning and I didnt open any gifts :(

Here is LMo this morning, with Quincy (left) and Sterling (right)!

thats all for the random pictures so...

I'll leave you with what could be the greatest Christmas commercial ever.
*insert heavy Compton accent* We ducking on reindeers, bitch. ha

But I hope you guys are having a beautiful and safe holiday!

P.S. We actually got some snow in the STL area.

P.P.S. Leslie and I just realized we have both apps AND the map (considering we're with Verizon).
We did a wack, limp handed high-five in celebration. ha

P.P.P.S. When you do watch "Twas the Night" (notice I said "when", not "if"), check out the kid that says, "Peace on EarT."
Its pure comedy and an inside joke with our fam. :)


Twas the night...

If yall really wanna get in the Christmas spirit, get the fire going, snuggle up with your loved ones and curl up with this sensual reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" courtesy of Tay Zonday...

P.S. He's always sounded like a bullfrog of African decent and I cant get enough. ha


Asher Roth is a minority?

Yes, this rumor might actually be true.
Asher Roth may in fact be a minority.
And not the, "his long lost father is an albino and he didn't know he was mixed" type of minority, but the "I'm gay" minority.

The only reason why I think it could be true is because he hasn't come out and denied it yet...

I was kinda mad when I heard the news because Asher has my heart.
If I hung out with him, he would be one of the only boys clever and funny enough to make me say,"Ohhhh Asher!", like 20 times.

And I hate to be stereotypical of my homosexual homies, but he doesn't rub me as being gay.
No se, but the cool thing about his possible homosexuality is that maybe gay stereotypes will start to break down for a few people.
I mean, Asher is like that cool, random white dude in college that everyone knows.
He'd be everyone's homie, he's extremely charming, very masculine, funny and confident AND he could pull white and black women because of all the qualities previously mentioned.
So if he is gay, it doesn't seem like the average heterosexual male would be "threatened" by him with their "I'm afraid of gay people for reasons that don't suffice my discrimination against them, which in turn makes me a lame" mindset that many sadly have.
I would think people could look past his sexuality because it shouldn't matter, especially when he's THAT guy.

Anyway, when Asher first dropped, I used to love watching his crazy, sexy, cool ass in interview
He's so down-to-earth and he's a Leo, so yeah. lol
But anyway, check this dope ass interview of him talking about him being a "heterosexual male" among other groovy things...

P.S. "She's fair-skinned, so she relates to my pain." lmao.
Oh Asher!
P.P.S. Yo, honestly, if people stop listening to his music or start talking shit about him when they used to be supporting, then they have officially become homophobic which is pretty much the same thing as being a racist bigot in my book.
You're not gonna catch "gay" by being around them; its not H1NI mu'fuggas.
Hatred on any level is the lamest shit in history to me, truest story.

Music Monday. 12.21.09

Recently, Ive been thinking about filing suit against my job for stealing my Christmas spirit. ha
Ive been forced to listen to holiday music since the day after Halloween and, it's taken it's toll. And the worst thing about it, it's not even the good Christmas music you can rock to, it's the weak ish like "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"...smh
However, since it is the *insert OJ da Juiceman voice* holiday seeeeaaaaason, it's only right for this Music Monday to be a Christmas edition. :)

1) Mariah Carey-"All I Want for Christmas"
This is young America's unofficial Christmas song.
She was so adorable in this video AND its pre-nose job Mariah, so you know this is when she was "sanging", not "singing".

2) TLC-"Sleigh Ride"
TLC was one of my favorite groups when I was a kid so it's only natural that this is gonna one of my fave Christmas songs as well.
And I promise, if you don't stop whatever you're doing and say,"Cadillac....." in that deep ace voice everytime, you don't deserve Christmas cheer. ha

3) Wham-"Last Christmas"
Out of all the songs they continuously play at my gig, this is the ONLY one I can tolerate because it's always been one of my favs.
Besides, George Michaels is such a fox (a gay fox, damn). ha

4) "Santa Claus is a Black Man"
The title says it all...
This may be the ONLY Christmas song in history that would make 3/4 of the white-American population uneasy.
If I'm going to listen to an annoying child sing, its mos definitely not gonna be that Hippo girl, it's gonna be this little annoying child proclaiming Santa Claus' blackness. lol

5) Emery-"A Way for Santa's Sleigh"
Don't rule this song out yall!
I used to be an Emery-head back in highschool and they are a really dope band.
It's a nontraditional song (which can be a good thing) and everyones voice sounds beautiful (especially when they hit that harmony).


Baby, its burr outside.

St. Louis, come out and start your holiday celebration off right!

Wednesday, December 23rd
Doors open at 10pm-Ladies are free until 11pm

1025 Spruce St.

Discount with a toy!

See ya there or be square :)
P.S. Here are some rando dando pictures from the Thanksgiving Day bash...


Dear Clearance Aisle shoppers,

I'm sorry we haven't been on our blog grizzy, but Leslie and I are trying to graduate.
I hope you understand. lol
We will be back with lots of pictures, music and dope, funny shit in a little minute.
So, in the mean time, follow us on Twitter:

Me (Jai): @vivalablackgirl
LMo: @LMO4

Cordially yours,


Long live the Queen.

Ive been waiting damn near a decade for this moment.

Yes, the beautiful Sade is back yall!

Like my guy Maxwell, she's been hiding out in Europe for years, living life and probably being extremely inspired (which is a catch 22 for us).

Her new single "Soldier of Love" recently dropped and of course, I love it.

Sade is one of my favorite artist of all time.
Ive been listening to her all my life (thanks Ma & Pa), but now that I'm older, I can truly appreciate her lyrics (which are always so honest and beautiful).

For example, in "Cherish the Day" when she says:
"If you were mine. If you were mine. I wouldn't want to go...to heaven."
It would be INSANE to even feel an 1/8th of that statement.

Anyway, her album drops next year and I cant fucking wait!

Download "Soldier of Love" here and enjoy...

P.S. If her album would have dropped this year, I would have just committed suicide.
2009 was an amazing year for music and I don't think my heart coulda took it if she released her record too. lol

P.P.S. I think Ive mentioned it before, but D'Angelo is coming back as well.
He's working with some crazy people like Cee-lo, Mark Ronson and Raphael Saadiq.
His project is gonna be insanity.

P.P.P.S. "See Sade in concert" is on my Bucket List.
It will happen. lol


Music Mondays. 12.7.09

The Kickdrums - "Things Dont Change (mixtape)"

True story, over the last 2 months I have NOT been on my music grind like I normally am, so Ive been listening to some old stuff...
Glad to say The Kickdrums' mixtape that dropped around Halloween 2008 is still rocking even a year later!
Ive mentioned their songs on here, but Ive never featured an entire mixtape by them.

It's one of my favorite mash-up projects and some very dope artists are featured like...
-Black Kids
-Kid Cudi
...it's basically a very funky mix of electro and hip-hop.

They dont have alot of videos on youtube that I can post on here to prove their dopeness to you, but trust me, if you dont have this one, pu-lease download it...ahora!

P.S. The transitions between songs is the dopest part, so try to listen all the way through (esp. on the intro and the transitions on tracks 10-11, 11-12, 15-16 and my favorite, 23-25!)


*LMo's MM coming soon...

Big Brother: Season 1

It's sad when the little brother is doper and WAY MORE FLY than the big brother.

Little brother: Diggy
Big brother: Jojo


A year ago today...

On December 3, 2008, I posted an open letter to Drake on The Clearance Aisle.

Ive been following Drake's music career since 2004 and I actually wrote the letter in September 2008, back before "So Far Gone" dropped and all the Drake-mania that ensued soon there after.

It's crazy to see how much his career has progressed in a year.

Read the letter and the comments here.

"Why wasn't he one of the Freshman 10? Its okay cause he's gonna be the Valedictorian."
-me, Jai


He deserves a Mozel Tov.

Aubrey Graham Cracker aka Drake is a 2x Grammy nominated musician.
The kicker, as you may know, is that he has NOT dropped an album.

This proves:
1) He listened when I told him,"Dont change, just change the game." (click)
2) Mixtapes are the present and the future of hip-hop.
Sidenote: When will "non-urban" artists start to catch on?
3) Light-skinned never left. (click)
4) He's a muh'fuggin, killah...
5) Dont sleep on J.Cole.

P.S. #5 is completely random, lol, but I please jump on J.Cole yall!

P.P.S. I hate when some refer to black people as "urban".
We arent a region; we are a people. ha
So, I feel like a hypocrite. *Kanye shrug

P.P.P.S. Me, LMO and Drake back in March at his first ever solo U.S. concert.

1 new notification.

Im lowkey jealous of the bride.
lol, jk

"I just can't pick one...

...so you can never say I'm choosing hoes."

I’ve been thinking about cheating and infidelity for months now.
In fact, I wrote this post back in July, but I was just waiting for the perfect time to publish it.
With the Tiger Woods debacle and the fact that it keeps popping up in my life and/or in the lives of my friends, I think I found my perfect timing opportunity.
As we all know, cheating is an epidemic in these streets, but Im attempting to get to the bottom of it.
Lets go.

Here are a few examples of what my friends and I have been running into:
A) There was a guy "Billy" who was trying to talk to me. It turns out he has a girlfriend, so of course that's not gonna fly. He then tries to talk to my sister of all people (as if I'm not gonna find out) yet, he is still trying to put the moves on me, hard. Then, to make matters worse, we find out he also talked to our best friend back in highschool. Did I mention Billy’s brother also tried to get on me at the same time? Yeah, laughable.

B) My friend, "Clarissa" is dating a great guy. They have been dating for months now and it is getting serious. They see each other nearly everyday and go out all the time. Clarissa finds out this nigga is engaged. smh.

C) My friend, "Mona" is dating a man and they are really feeling each other. They are falling in love and then she finds out he is married with 3 kids. Womp, womp.

All the previous situations are highly egregious and I could go on for days with these cheater, cheater pumpkin eater stories but...

I just don't understand how men do it or better yet, how do they make time for it?
Nigga, I can hardly finish my PowerPoint presentation, write this blogpost and get my daily serving of fruit and vegetables, yet you find the time for two or more "relationships"?
What are your time management techniques, brotha?

They have to know something I don’t, so…

These are my theories on how men find ways to cheat:
1. They have an extra 6 hours in their day, turning the normal 24-hour day into a sexy 30-hour day.
2. They have an evil, more "smooth" twin.
-ex: Kinda like Steve Urkel vs. Stefan Urquelle (because Stefan had all the "hoes").
- Also, that evil, smooth twin has an English accent because us girls can’t resist them.
3. They have three cell phones and two facebook accounts for easier cheating access.
4. They eat alot of Twix. (Get it? No? Okay. lol)
5. Cheating men secretly studied abroad at Hogwart's for a semester. They are now wizards and know all spells that will help in their cheating ways.
*Bedazzling Hex: Conceals a person or object.
-So if their girlfriend comes home early, they can always hide the other chick with ease.
*Gemino Charm: Creates duplicates of a person.
-You can be two places at one time...TENDER!
*Obliviate: Used to hide a memory of a particular event.
-No trust issues here. If you cheated in the past, your girlfriend doesn't remember.
*Confundus Charm: Causes confusion and forgetfulness.
-Similar to “Obliviate”
*Jelly-Brain Jinx: Affects persons' mental process.
-Confused girlfriend = happy penis
*Cheering Charm: Causes person to become very happy and content.
-Turns that suspecting, irritated girlfriend into a happy-go-lucky hobo.
*Orchideous: Causes a bouquet of flowers to appear.
-If all else fails, remember this spell. Who doesn't like roses, right?

According to the Kinsey sex study, 50% of U.S. men cheat during some point in their marriage and 40% of men seek sexual satisfaction outside their relationships.
Those aren’t very good odds, so Leslie and I posed the million dollar question:
Why do men cheat?

And we got some very interesting and honest responses....

Men said:
*Responses to this million dollar question are always going to sound like ten-dollar answers.
*They get bored with their lady.
*For the simple fact that we feel as though we always have to strive for something else when Ms. Right is right there.
*There is an inadequacy in the relationship, or an over-whelming element in a relationship.
*Sorry, I tried but I couldn’t come up with a reason. Everything sounded like an excuse and there is definetly no excuse for cheating.
*Refer to Steve Harvey's book but also just watch men. We tell everything through our body language.
*No one can really verbally answer that question 100%. LOL.
*Men are logical and women are emotional so the unconnected physical act of pleasure that cheating often correaltes with are naturally going to be dominant in men.
*I think men cheat the same reason women cheat. Men are just the usual suspects.
*GREED...men/women are too greedy to sacrifice their LUST for the one they supposed to LOVE.
*I get bored. Sad to say but it takes a lot to keep my attention. I lose intrest kinda early so that’s why I have cheated.
*Trust issues.
*I guess niggas gon be niggas
*Because the opportunity is there.
*Men cheat for the reason that they feel they need to conquer every woman that they see its more of a sport or a thrill to them.
*Out of perceived boredom and forgetting why you're with your woman.
*Most of the time cuz they're horny; they want to see if they can get that certain girl at that moment. Dumb but the truth.
*Easy; physical accessibility.
*A man cheats to feel like he's winning in a relationship.
*Men are so greedy and never satisfied.
*Validation, insecurities, selfishness, the rush, lust, boredom.

Women said:
*Refer to Steve Harvey’s book. There is an entire chapter on it!
*For sex.
*I think for some it's just a habit and for others I think they do it cuz at that moment they are not really thinking bout the outcome!
*They cant control their sexual urges.
*They're greedy and can get away with it.
*I think it's b/c sometimes they want to have their cake & eat it too! Also I think some are confused as to what they want.
*They feel as if they can have their cake and eat it too; thinkin they can do whatever it is they want with no regard or respect for the person they are with.
*I gotta few one worders...
1. Boredom
2. Alcohol
3. Availability/Unavailability(Distance)
4. Curiosity
5. Challenging/Easy
*Because they are stupid! Lol And don’t appreciate good women.

All good answers but my favorite has to be from my niggy Dar-rel who responded:
“I do because I’m trying to get an A on the test…don’t you?”
lmao! Touche Dar-rel!

But here are the Top 10 “official” reasons according to askmen.com:
10. Your lady doesn't put out
9. She cheated on you
8. It's challenging and exciting
7. You can get away with it
6. It boosts your ego.
5. The opportunity was there.
4. Your girlfriend is a nag.
3. Women let us (quick to forgive)
2. She doesn't turn you on anymore
1. You don't love her anymore

All in all, I understand that no one is perfect and all relationships have their downfalls, but some things make no sense to me.
If you aren’t happy in your relationship or if cheating becomes a regular thing, why stay in the relationship?
Yes, men may want to have the support of a girlfriend and the sexual freedom of a single man but baby, you can’t have your cake and eat her, I mean, “it” too. ha

We are young.
We should be having fun.
Aren’t you sick of being paranoid and having to delete those texts?
If you can’t commit, don’t.
Be a bachelor and then have all the fun you want without that guilty aftertaste in the morning.

I’m just saying.

Leave a comment and give me your thoughts; I'm interested.


J. Cole: Tales from Tour.

Honey Mag got this awesome journal entry from J.Cole about his experiences on tour with Jay-Z.

I loved every word of it.
J.Cole is so humble.
I enjoy. Now you enjoy.

Read it here.