Asher Roth is a minority?

Yes, this rumor might actually be true.
Asher Roth may in fact be a minority.
And not the, "his long lost father is an albino and he didn't know he was mixed" type of minority, but the "I'm gay" minority.

The only reason why I think it could be true is because he hasn't come out and denied it yet...

I was kinda mad when I heard the news because Asher has my heart.
If I hung out with him, he would be one of the only boys clever and funny enough to make me say,"Ohhhh Asher!", like 20 times.

And I hate to be stereotypical of my homosexual homies, but he doesn't rub me as being gay.
No se, but the cool thing about his possible homosexuality is that maybe gay stereotypes will start to break down for a few people.
I mean, Asher is like that cool, random white dude in college that everyone knows.
He'd be everyone's homie, he's extremely charming, very masculine, funny and confident AND he could pull white and black women because of all the qualities previously mentioned.
So if he is gay, it doesn't seem like the average heterosexual male would be "threatened" by him with their "I'm afraid of gay people for reasons that don't suffice my discrimination against them, which in turn makes me a lame" mindset that many sadly have.
I would think people could look past his sexuality because it shouldn't matter, especially when he's THAT guy.

Anyway, when Asher first dropped, I used to love watching his crazy, sexy, cool ass in interview
He's so down-to-earth and he's a Leo, so yeah. lol
But anyway, check this dope ass interview of him talking about him being a "heterosexual male" among other groovy things...

P.S. "She's fair-skinned, so she relates to my pain." lmao.
Oh Asher!
P.P.S. Yo, honestly, if people stop listening to his music or start talking shit about him when they used to be supporting, then they have officially become homophobic which is pretty much the same thing as being a racist bigot in my book.
You're not gonna catch "gay" by being around them; its not H1NI mu'fuggas.
Hatred on any level is the lamest shit in history to me, truest story.

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  1. hahaha girl i'm right w/you, we might have to fight over him lol but the truth shall come to light. hopefully it's a straight truth but we'll support him nonetheless...