Feliz cumpleanos Jesus!

How are your holidays going?!

Our holiday is going great!
On Christmas Eve we chilled at the aunts crib, ate too much good food and watched the latest "Harry Potter" and "Angels & Demons" (which ironically are probably the worst Christmas movies in history, ha).

And now, Christmas is finally here and we are having a lovely day!
We slept late, opened gifts and have been watching "The Game" marathon, "A Christmas Story", Christmas cartoons and basketball with the fam all day.
Sidenote: Leslie and I both got iPod touches and some other cool stuff like a Wii Fit.

And as a Christmas tradition, we are about to watch this adorable HBO show,"Twas the Night"!
Its basically alot of hilarious children talking about what the holidays mean to them.
Trust me, if you watch this show, you will be in tears because those midgets are so hilarious and so sweet...
It's on HBO:On Demand and yall have to check it out at least once and let me know how it affected your lives overall. ha

Sidenote: Speaking of lives, here's Leslie (left), me (middle) and our little brother early in our lives when we were 4 & 3 years old and 6-months-old.
*For some reason, I thought my bro was 1-yr-old until I realized he had little-to-no neck control and looked like Jabba the Hut. ha
And man, I was sick in this picture!
I was sneezing so much blood Christmas morning and I didnt open any gifts :(

Here is LMo this morning, with Quincy (left) and Sterling (right)!

thats all for the random pictures so...

I'll leave you with what could be the greatest Christmas commercial ever.
*insert heavy Compton accent* We ducking on reindeers, bitch. ha

But I hope you guys are having a beautiful and safe holiday!

P.S. We actually got some snow in the STL area.

P.P.S. Leslie and I just realized we have both apps AND the map (considering we're with Verizon).
We did a wack, limp handed high-five in celebration. ha

P.P.P.S. When you do watch "Twas the Night" (notice I said "when", not "if"), check out the kid that says, "Peace on EarT."
Its pure comedy and an inside joke with our fam. :)

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