Music Monday. 12.21.09

Recently, Ive been thinking about filing suit against my job for stealing my Christmas spirit. ha
Ive been forced to listen to holiday music since the day after Halloween and, it's taken it's toll. And the worst thing about it, it's not even the good Christmas music you can rock to, it's the weak ish like "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"...smh
However, since it is the *insert OJ da Juiceman voice* holiday seeeeaaaaason, it's only right for this Music Monday to be a Christmas edition. :)

1) Mariah Carey-"All I Want for Christmas"
This is young America's unofficial Christmas song.
She was so adorable in this video AND its pre-nose job Mariah, so you know this is when she was "sanging", not "singing".

2) TLC-"Sleigh Ride"
TLC was one of my favorite groups when I was a kid so it's only natural that this is gonna one of my fave Christmas songs as well.
And I promise, if you don't stop whatever you're doing and say,"Cadillac....." in that deep ace voice everytime, you don't deserve Christmas cheer. ha

3) Wham-"Last Christmas"
Out of all the songs they continuously play at my gig, this is the ONLY one I can tolerate because it's always been one of my favs.
Besides, George Michaels is such a fox (a gay fox, damn). ha

4) "Santa Claus is a Black Man"
The title says it all...
This may be the ONLY Christmas song in history that would make 3/4 of the white-American population uneasy.
If I'm going to listen to an annoying child sing, its mos definitely not gonna be that Hippo girl, it's gonna be this little annoying child proclaiming Santa Claus' blackness. lol

5) Emery-"A Way for Santa's Sleigh"
Don't rule this song out yall!
I used to be an Emery-head back in highschool and they are a really dope band.
It's a nontraditional song (which can be a good thing) and everyones voice sounds beautiful (especially when they hit that harmony).


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