Music Mondays. 12.7.09

The Kickdrums - "Things Dont Change (mixtape)"

True story, over the last 2 months I have NOT been on my music grind like I normally am, so Ive been listening to some old stuff...
Glad to say The Kickdrums' mixtape that dropped around Halloween 2008 is still rocking even a year later!
Ive mentioned their songs on here, but Ive never featured an entire mixtape by them.

It's one of my favorite mash-up projects and some very dope artists are featured like...
-Black Kids
-Kid Cudi
...it's basically a very funky mix of electro and hip-hop.

They dont have alot of videos on youtube that I can post on here to prove their dopeness to you, but trust me, if you dont have this one, pu-lease download it...ahora!

P.S. The transitions between songs is the dopest part, so try to listen all the way through (esp. on the intro and the transitions on tracks 10-11, 11-12, 15-16 and my favorite, 23-25!)


*LMo's MM coming soon...

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