A year ago today...

On December 3, 2008, I posted an open letter to Drake on The Clearance Aisle.

Ive been following Drake's music career since 2004 and I actually wrote the letter in September 2008, back before "So Far Gone" dropped and all the Drake-mania that ensued soon there after.

It's crazy to see how much his career has progressed in a year.

Read the letter and the comments here.

"Why wasn't he one of the Freshman 10? Its okay cause he's gonna be the Valedictorian."
-me, Jai


  1. I know you guys are avid supporters of Drake....but how do you feel about his recent music compared to the stuff he was putting out 4 years ago...like the comeback season...heart break drake era.
    i love the kid...but idk if I like the direction he is going in.

  2. I still like his old stuff better....
    My favorite mixtape is "Room for Improvement" (just because of "Come Winter") and of course, "Comeback Season" was crazy!
    But Drake seems "too grown" for Young Money oand I seriously dont listen to his ish like I used to.
    Idk, but I cant WAIT to hear his album to see what direction he's headed in...