Everything can happen.

You know that one television show you watch religiously, every week?
The one you'll talk to random strangers about?
Sharing that "genuine", 30-second bond because like yourself, she cant believe the lead character went back to that bastard either...

Well, I haven't found "that" show since DeGrassi, lol.
Until now...

So I'm reading about Kid Cudi's upcoming sophomore record (which drops later 2010) when I find an article about the new show he's starring in called, "How to Make It in America".
Ive been excited about this show, not only because of Cudi, but because the coolest white dude in America, Mark Wahlberg, is the creator.

So, I found this trailer and when I saw the lead actors, I nearly cried...

Victor Rasuk and Bryan Greenberg?!
They honestly are two of my favorites who star in two of my most loved films...
Ive seen "Raising Victor Vargas" and "Prime" countless times and own multiple copies, seriously.
I am so excited for this cast...
Greenberg, Rasuk and Cudi, in a HBO show together?!
Get the fuck outta here!
Mark Wahlberg, you created this shit for me.

More info:

"How to Make It in America" follows two enterprising Brooklyn twenty-somethings as they hustle their way through New York City, determined to achieve the American Dream. Trying to make a name for themselves in New York’s competitive fashion scene, Ben Epstein (Greenberg) and his friend and business partner Cam Calderon (Rasuk) use their street knowledge and connections to bring their ambitions to fruition. With the help of Cam’s cousin Rene (Guzman), who is trying to market his own high-energy drink, and their well-connected friend Domingo (“Kid Cudi”), the burgeoning entrepreneurs set out to make it big, encountering obstacles along the way that will require all their ingenuity to overcome.

Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi – Domingo
Bryan Greenberg – Ben
Victor Rasuk – Cam
Luis Guzman – Rene
Lake Bell – Rachel
Shannyn Sossamon – Gingy

Writers & Producers:
Creator and first-time writer Ian Edelman is collaborating with Emmy nominee Rob Weiss (“Entourage”) on many of the show’s scripts.”How to Make It in America” is produced by Stephen Levinson, Rob Weiss, Ian Edelman, and Mark Wahlberg.

Premiere Episode:
Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010.

If you miss the premiere, it’s currently set to re-air at the following times:
Monday Feb. 15 2:05AM ET
Monday Feb. 15 5:25PM ET
Tuesday Feb. 16 1:25PM ET
Wednesday Feb. 17 12:00AM ET

**So instead of being a wack American by taking your "bey" out on the 14th to see the most over-crowded cast in cinematic history aka "Valentines Day", sit your ass at home and watch how these hunka-hunka burning lovers make it in America...

P.S. You know that dude Bryan Greenberg?
He's from St. Louis and went to Parkway West.
Talented hometown boy and Jewish? Ow.

P.P.S. I hope the soundtrack is just as dope as Entourage's.
"Pursuit of Happiness" needs to be a go-to track...

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