Music Monday. 2.1.2010

"It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to..."
Yes, it has been a while since Leslie and I have posted any groovy tunes on The Clearance Aisle, and I'm sorry; but we have so much good shit for you this week, you're not gonna be mad at us for long.
Let us begin...

1) Theophilus London-"Hundrum Town"
This man is slept on. Period.
Besides the fact that he has a cool ass name and looks like a shrunken version of Lebron James while riding that motorcycle, his music is super cool.
He's dropped two mixtapes since 08' and you probably should download them muggles ("muggles" = super plural form of "mugs") when I post the links on the blog tomorrow.

2) Memory Tapes-"Green Knight"
Ive been rocking out to this song, on repeat, for weeks now.
Its perfectly ambient, yet perfectly funky at the same time and the transitions are just OC.
But ya girl gos-ta point out her favorite moments on this track:
Moment 1: Minute 1:03 is sick and Ive never heard this sound in a song before.
Hint: High school gym, basketball season.
Moment 2: Minute 3:40 equates to pure funkiness.

3) Washed Out-"Belong"
This song is lo-fi per-FUCKING-fection.
"Let me see who are. Let me see who you are."

4) Citizen Cope-"Healing Hands"
Citizen Cope is one of my favorite musicians.
Ive been listening to his soulful, talented ass for years now and he's dropping a new album in March.
I really wanted to post another song from his upcoming album, but this a good song to listen to if youre not hip to Citizen Cope and want to catch his "general feel".

5) Neon Indian-Mind, Drips"
Luh dis.

Also, I just love to watch electronica/ acoustomatic/ trip-pop bands perform live.
It never sounds as good as the recording, but I like to observe the process of how they create such awesome sounds.

6) Theophilus London-"Cold Pillow"
Another good one from Mr. London.


1) Broken Bells-"The High Road"

2) Talib Kweli ft. Termanology & Royce da 5'9-"Come Around"

3) Laura Vers-"July Theme"

4) Surfer Blood-"Harmonix"

5) Talib Kweli ft. Hi-Tek, Jay Electronica and J.Cole-"Just Begun"


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