Music Monday. 2.8.10

For the past few weeks, Ive been obsessed with watching interviews and live performances of my favorite artists.
I'm starting to write songs, so I'm hoping to soak in some of their artistic processes and "techniques".
I want to understand how they create the music I love; I want inspiration.

One of the artist who Ive been "studying" is Sade.
Thank God I was raised listening to their music.
Sidenote: If you weren't raised on Sade, then the next time you see your parents, smack them with all your might because they dont care about your general well-being and they certainly don't love you. lol, jk
But seriously, their music is king.
Their lyrics are simple, yet powerful and the music is beautiful and unique.
I adore and respect that band like no other.

Anyway, as I started to study their music, I realized,"Damn. Ive been listening to Sade since I was a little kid and Ive never even heard her speak...not even once."
That's insane, especially in this celebrity obsessed culture we live in.

Sade rarely does interviews, but I found these rare little ditties from the mid-1980s.
I love to watch her speak and she's just cool.
Plus, her beauty is out of control...I was hypnotized by it, literally.
The first time I watched this, I didnt hear shit she said; I was in awe of how beautiful she is.

The fact that I had never seen a interview of Sade speaks volumes.
Sade lets the music speak for her; that makes her more of an artist than a celebrity.
She's a throwback to how music used to be.

Anywho, I also stumbled across this non-rubbish behind the scenes video of the band as they created "Soldier of Love".
This is rare (like Mr. Clean with hair), so enjoy:

Ive waited 10 years for the "Soldier of Love" album to drop. Im copping it ASAP tomorrow and you should to if youre into music...thats good...and shit.

P.S. Music Monday will be back to it's regurly scheduled, diverse programming next week.
I just had to dedicate this one to Sade...

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