Pre-term delivery.

As you know, Im geeked to see "How To Make It In America".
HBO is supposed to drop the premiere on February 14, but my homie @DragonflyJonez just sent me the full episode a week early.

I'm currently in class watching it. ha
Hood up with the headphone cord zipped in my hoodie.
Works like a charm. :)

So whether youre impatient like myself, or if youre just gonna be too busy doing "boo thangs" with your "boo thang" on Valentine's Day, you can watch it here early:

Ju like?

P.S. Bryan Greenberg is from St.Louis.
If you didnt know, now you do.

P.P.S. "She makes an exeption for black dudes."-Rasuk
"Youre black?"-Greenberg
"Black enough."-Rasuk
Shout out to Latinos who recognize their "Africaness".
If you didnt know, Im passionate about that shit.
Read here and get familiar.

P.P.P.S. I wouldve liked to see Zoe Kravitz in this show.
I think she would make a good fit with the cast.


  1. OMG...I swear to you God put you on earth for this very moment: I have been so hype for this show but I freakin dont have HBO anymore...I was worried I'd have to miss the first episode...but thank God and goodness you came to the rescue...lol.

    Victor Rasuk, Kid Cudi...need I say more...how could i think about missing this premiere.

  2. haha
    Well they say God doesnt work for you, he works through you, right? lol
    Did you like the first episode?
    It was a tiny bit slow, but I think the show is gonna be progressively good.
    And I LOVED Victor Rasuk ever since "Raising Victor Vargas", Byran Greenberg since "Prime" and of course Cudi...
    Such an awesome cast!