Smells Like Teen Spirit.

90% of modern-day "hip-hop" bores me; I hardly even listen to it anymore.
Everyone is adorable, no one is radical and it all looks, sounds and feels the same.
Well, that's what I thought until I discovered Odd Future.

Imagine a gang of skateboarding, negro Eminems who just don't give a fuck...that's Odd Future, and they're refreshing.
...a group of ten or so rebellious, talented and precocious L.A. natives that shut the notion of "boring hip-hop" out of my head for the time being.

1) Tyler, The Creator-"BASTARD"

2)Tyler, The Creator-"French"

3)Mellowhype (Left Brain & Hodgy Beats)

And not only are they dishing out interesting music, but they're also entertaining as eff!

"Nigga. That nigga did it nigga!"

Say what you will about Odd Future, and their sometimes offensive, "shocking" lyrics, but hip-hop kinda needs this.

Head over to oddfuture.com to check out more videos, and download Tyler, The Creator's "Bastard" here.

Punk rock, anyone?

P.S. California is in dire need of hip-hop substance.
Dom, Blu and them can't be the only ones...

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  1. This is STILL amazing to me. Even the snobbiest music bloggers didn't even get ahold of these kids until the summer of 2010. Awesome, dudette.