Theo; London, not Huxtable.

Theophilus London.
With a name like that, youre gonna need good music to back it up, and thankfully for us, Theophilus is backing it up like them guss in this video.

Theophilis London is a rapper/producer/writer and he's been doing his thang in his native Brooklyn, NY for the past few years.
He's basically moving hip-hop in a new direction and his genre is hard to describe.

For instance, on one of my favorite tracks, "Enjoy the Sun":
It starts out like a Keane song when that feel good beat, reminiscent of N.E.R.D, drops.
Then, Theo's active flow comes in (reminds me of some other niggies with "strange names", Wale & Wiz Khalifa) and Theo starts singing the 80s pop/neo-soul hook when all of a sudden, a Major Lazer , dancehall beat drops.
By the end of the song Theo is sounding like a baby Kanye exclaiming,"I guess I musta been brave!" and the song crescendos into a harmony worthy of being mistaken for Foreign Exchange .
If you don't believe me, click all those links and see for yourself; it's that diverse.

He's like some good ass gumbo; the more you add to it, the better it taste; and you'd think all the ingredients would clash, but it somehow just makes the flavor more interesting.

His first mixtape, "JAM!", dropped in 2008 and it was probably one of the most slept on projects of the year.
Download it here and see what "JAM!" is about...

In 2009, Theo kept coming with that good ish by dropping "This Charming Mixtape".
You can tell he's still trying to develop his sound, but you wont mind going on that "musical journey" with him because he's promising.
(Shout out to the Elvis Costello inspired cover!)

download here

This guy's an interesting character.
Check out how he's so crazy, sexy on stage, yet so cool during interview.

Hip-hop Prince anyone?

Download the mixtapes and let me know what you think.
Also, let Theophilus know how you like it when you follow him on Twitter @TheophilusL

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