You come out seven, you going to heaven.

1. He's Italian and a Chicago native. #midWest
2. He smokes weed (for arthritis pain, of course).
3. He went through a post-fight voice change (Did his voice not drop like 7 levels?).
4. He has cool lingo. Example: truckin'= walking
5. He LEEEAKIN''! (I just wanted to say that. lol)
6. He wants to give the black guy 7 chances, wait another 20 years and still whoop his ass at the age of 103.
7. He can kick that black guys' ass in 23 seconds and kick em' in the head, 7 feet in the air.
8. He's a prize fighter...where dah prize money?!
9. Approximately 1,000 people have wanted to meet him since his popular youtube fight.
10. He's an honorary citizen at a school. (Why aren't I enrolled in that school?)
11. His homeless best friend, Scottie, is a negro and he doesn't like to smile.
Sidenote: Scottie doesn't like to smile because Vietnam Tom knocked all his teeth out. (That's how they even became friends in the first place.)
12. He's got a one bedroom, a colored t.v. (pause) and a bunch of furniture.
13. R.I.P Tom's mom.
14. There could be a possible re-match in March. *crosses fingers*
15. Am-buh-lambps.


  1. lmao..OMG!! I love this guy he would be the coolest grand dad EVER!! highlights 2 and 11 fuckin priceless lol

  2. lol He would a GREAT grandfather.
    I hope I can meet him one day and let him know how much he means to me...to ALL OF US. ha