Music Monday 5.17.10

Hey Guys!

I haven't personally put up a Music Monday post in a while, and its a shame because I have been rocking to some of THE DOPEST tunes lately.

Lets get started.

Actually,about half way through making this post, I realized that I need to dedicate it solely to Sebastien Tellier...aka THAT DUDE!
Thank me later.

Sebastien's cd "Sexuality" is pure bliss!
Just look at the cover lol.

I love this one. Perfect for (>_>)...

"Un Heure"
I can't find the words for this one, only body movements. I'll demonstrate later.

This guy's a hoot.

This video pretty much exemplifies his style. So freakin 80's.
P.S. Did he find Pandora? lol

And if "Sexuality" isn't good enough, there is an entire album of remixes. #joy.

Here's "Divine" remixed by the Midnight Juggernauts. They twerked it.

And this is "Roche" remixed by Kavinsky.

Now proceed to go make babies to this ish.


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