No one man should have all this...

Yesterday on Twitter, I sent this little diddy out:

Dear Kanye West,

Yes. You CAN talk your shit again. It fact, I encourage it.

Patiently waiting,

Well somehow I think he got my letter, because the very next day, "Power", rumored to be a single from his much anticipated new album, leaked.

This is gonna be the first and last Kanye leak I listen to until "Good Ass Job" drops, but of course it sounds DAMN good so far...

If the video is down, click here to listen and download.

We missed you Ye.

P.S. I started a blog a few weeks ago called "Dear Kanye West"...
I love that man. lol

P.P.S. I wonder if Esthero did any vocals or writing on this new album?
Because I think that's her voice on the "heyyy..." part starting at 1:20 on "Power".
She co-wrote three tracks on 808's and was actually the voice of Jane, the spaceship, on the "Glow in the Dark Tour".
Oh, yeah and Esthero is the shit so you should get all of her albums.
She's like the female Ye for me...heroes.

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