The Big Move

I haven't done a personal post on TCA in a long time and I've definitely been thinking that yea you guys know what kind of music I eff with and what I find funny, but other than that, you don't know too much about ME.


I'm a Midwest girl. Have been all my life. Raised in both East St. Louis and O'Fallon,Illinois but as of July 8th, I will be a Virginian(which as a word, sounds kind of ridiculous lol). I have all my stuff packed up in storage and I'm at home until the big day.

I can't even front, I'm excited. It's time for a change. I feel like I've gotten most of what I need from this city and it's time to be #ontothenextone. I'm going to Charlottesville, Va with my boyfriend Amanze. I promise the first thing anybody says when I say where I'm moving is "It's so nice out there" or "You're gonna love it." I guess it was Thomas Jefferson's stomping ground and he pretty much made sure it was 2 legit to quit...because it was in fact, beautiful. And it's in a really good location. It's on the east coast, so thats a whole different feel in itself, but its also only 40 minutes from Richmond, a hour and a half from D.C., and like 3 hours from Virginia Beach. Thats all I had to hear lol.

My first time ever going there was like 2 months ago. We found a place, did some sight seeing, and went to D.C.(which I had never been to either.) Here are some pics:

Charlotteville has this really cool outside mall downtown. They're known for their live music, 5 star restaurants, and dope scenery & trails. I'm sure I'm gonna love it. But I'm wondering what else is there to do. I don't wanna wander aimlessly around town like a zombie until i find something thats poppin. Any suggestions?



  1. I go to the University of Virginia, so I've lived Charlottesville for the last 3 years and it truly is a good place. Its in a great location so you can easily get to DC, Richmond, or VA beach in no time. Hope you enjoy once you come.

    Toria Malia

  2. Why am I just now seeing this comment?! Lol. Omg I've been here since July and I still am trying to figure out what to do down here. But I def do think its in a great location bc DC is super dope. Havent made it to VA beach yet, but its on the agenda. :)