Look at THIS piece of work. It's called Rape-Axe and its a female condom thats supposed to help prevent rape. This doctor in South Africa has been promoting this condom at the World Cup and men MUST be giving her the complete side eye. You know rape is a huge problem in African and this condom would give any penis "the business."

It works because it has hooks on the inside and when the guy tries to pull back, those hooks dig into his penis. Ouchy Ba Ba. Basically it works because it stops the rapist from continuing, the guy has to get it removed by a doctor, and then the rapist can be identified (since the woman would have only put the condom in, when she was being threatened.)

I was thinking "How is the woman supposed to know she's about to be raped & then conveniently have enough time to put the condom in? But you can insert it in like 2 seconds.

But wouldnt it be crazy if women (crazy women obviously) used these condoms to punish a guy they're involved with. That would just be outrageous. I guess we'll see where this thing goes.

one love,

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