Lost in the mood.

Earlier this week, I went to the highly anticipated Girl Talk show.

Girl Talk is a DJ of sorts, who specializes in mashups & digital sampling.
See also:

His shit has energy, and a mini cult following.
See also:

Anyway, his shows always sell out, so as expected, this show sold out.
It was just myself and 2,299 other St.Louisans lost in the mood.

The young and wild take chances together.
They all jump up, twist and groove.
But no one talks, lost in the motherfuckin' mood.

No one talks.
Lost in the mood.
No one talks.
Sweatin' it out.
Lost in the mood.

(Kid Cudi-"The Mood")

Sidenote: I pretty much lost ALL of my brain cells when he mixed this.

1) Giant balloon.

2) Guy on stage reaches for giant balloon.

3) Guy on stage pops giant balloon, and the crowd goes wild!

I left the concert with a giant bruise on my arm (a girl somehow stepped on it while we were dancing?), and I'm still finding confetti in strange places.

To download a slew of Girl Talk mixtapes, click here.


P.S. All the photos & videos above were taken with my 3.2mp, Blackberry camera, lol, so it's not the greatest quality, but blah.

P.P.S. I finally drank my first real Four Loko!
I lucked up and found one as the FDA pulled them out the stores, and I saved it specifically for this concert.
I'm not a drinker, but I had to try the "cultural phenomenan" that was Four Loko. Ha
I can see why they took the caffiene out, because even after 2+ hours of hard dancing, I still I had the urge to go jogging afterwards. lol
And yeah...we don't drink 40s outta paperbags no mo', we drink Lokos outta beanies, fool.


  1. I don't care what anybody says, I fux with Four Lokos. Just one at a time. It's effective as shit and it always makes me have a good time. RIP.

    As for Girl Talk, LOVE him. I was required to watch Rip! A Remix Manifesto for my Media Law class (best requirement ever) which was about sampling, remixing and the law and he was a huge part of it. It was a great documentary. I'm hoping he'll be at SXSW. First time I'll be ready to sweat and rave with white folks.

  2. great post. i feel i relive that night each time i read it. theres nothing like a crowd of people dancing and singing at the same time (love)...

    p.s. i got a new camera with video and photo function. so let the documenting begin. im about to get real invasive lol


  3. Yes, Foxxy!
    I didnt see him at on the SXSW line-up, but he's on tour now and you MUST attend a show...crazy energy.

    And thanks Ash! That show was fun as hell.
    "Its about to get real invasive."? Oh gosh. lol