Music Monday 1.17.11

1) Baths-"Lovely Bloodflow"
I suggest watching this video in full screen, because it is just stunning.
The cinematography and symbolism is absolutely beautiful.
Can you imagine seeing this during your last few breaths?

2) Bonobo-"Days To Come"
"Move away from your western guns, travel toward the eastern suns."

3) Diddy Dirty Money: Ass on the floor
If you haven't had the chance to listen to "Last train to Paris", you are definitely doing yourself a disservice.
The cd is chuck full of features including Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Usher, and many more.
Trust me, its dope.


1) Films-"Breezeblocks"

There isn't much known about upcoming band, Films, but we do know the create interesting music.
With their genre "jump-folk", I'm looking forward to what this band has in store.

2) MeLo-X feat. Paul McCartney & Erykah Badu “Gone Baby”
MeLo-X is known for creating some sexy little numbers, and here he goes again.
I love the vibe of this whole video. (Shout out to Boykins III)

3) Local Natives-"Airplanes"
Local Natives was love at first listen, and their song "Airplanes" was no exception.
A lyrically lovely song about the loss of a loved one (in this case, a grandfather).
"It sounds like we would of had a great deal to say, to each other.
I bet when I leave my body for the sky the wait, will be worth it."

4) The Five One-"Never Been" (Wiz Khalifa Cover)

DMV band, The Five One, throws a chill, bossa nova mix on Wiz's original.
Plus, the kid on the track is adorable.


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