Music Monday 1.10.11

1) Shanghai-"Smoke and Mirrors"
As a kid, the first band I can remember loving is Tears For Fears, therefore I nearly cried when I heard "Smoke and Mirrors" by Danish band Shanghai.
So 80's, so good and so unremarkably difficult to get out of your head.
Sidenote: Why do the Swedes/Danish always make the best pop music? Dang.

2) Tyler, The Creator-"Inside of Clouds"
Nearly a year ago, I introduced you guys to Odd Future and as predicted, they're tearing shit up.
Alot of the Wolf Gang has dropped project after project in 2010, and you better pay attention in 2011 before you're left behind.
"Inside of Clouds" was one of my favorite songs from N.E.R.D's latest release, and Tyler, The Creator is the perfect addition.

3) Mark Ronson ft. D'Angelo-"Glass Mountain Trust"
Over the past year, D'Angelo has been rumored to be working with everyone from Mark Ronson to Cee-Lo Green to Raphael Saadiq, and this past September, we finally got a sample of what his new sound may entail.

4) Mansions On The Moon-"She Makes Me Feel"
I spent many summer days listening to this song on repeat.
Damn, I love this song.


1) Metric-"Gold Guns Girls"

One day, me and my friends are randomly gonna break out running like they did. It's gonna freak the bystanders out. lol

2) The Black Keys-"Tighten Up"
Great song, great video.

3) Wiz Khalifa-"Star of the Show"
This is the Wiz Khalifa that I love. Catchy beats with music that just gives off a good vibe. I'm not mad at it.

4) Si*Se-"Buscare"
All grooves.


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