Music Monday. 1.24.10

1) Gorillaz-"Shy-Town"
2010 was a good year for Gorillaz fans.
Not only did they drop "PLastic Beach" in the spring, but they also released a free second album, "The Fall", on Christmas day.
"The Fall" is unique because they recorded the entire album on an iPad.
Below is one of my favorite tracks, and you can download "The Fall" in it's entirety here.

2) Little Dragon-"Thunder Love"
Just one of my favorite tracks from one of my favorite bands, Little Dragon.
The lyrics are so lovely...
"Then dawn came and I stayed and was laughing with you.
The smoke love, then I dove and was kissing with you.
My past erase as we lay in a daze..."

Sidenote: They were in STL October 2010, and I wasnt able to attend the show.
Now everytime I listen to one of their songs, I die a little.
That's like Esthero coming to STL and me not going. Damn.

3) No Doubt-"Rocksteady"
Gwen Stefani's recent L'Oreal campaign has me amped!
I'm hoping it's a way to get her out there in hopes of promoting their upcoming album (which they began recording on January 1).
Gwen's solo work was great, but I'm more than ready for this greatly overdue No Doubt record.

4) John Lennon-"Steel and Glass"
One of my favorite John Lennon songs.
John is so funky when he chooses to be.


1) Quadron-"Simili Life"
What a sweet sweet voice.
I really enjoyed the simplicity of this video.

2) Wild Nothing- "Chinatown"
Oh how I love the dog named Clown.

3) Tokimonsta-"This World is Ours"
Dope cover.
This Asian female hip hop producer is just a delight.

4) Kymai ft Aynell-"Colle"
This is one of those songs I would play on a perfect sunny day.
Sidenote: Please look past his dreads and awkward bandana. lol


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