Music Monday 1.31.11

1) JJ-"Still"
If you're a fan of ambient, mellow vocals over familiar, hip-hop beats, I suggest you download JJ's latest mixtape, "Kills".
Typical fucking Swedes, and their solid, progressive pop music.
Download here.

2) Cass McCombs-"County Line"
Too bad this song doesn't come packaged with a cozy cabin, pomegranate tea and a fireplace.
Then, it'd be perfect.

3) Adele-"Love Song (cover)"
If you haven't noticed, everyone is waiting the release of Adele's new record (and with good reason).
This probably wont make the tracklist of the new album, but she recently dropped a cover of The Cure's classic, "Love Song".
Sidenote: I still prefer 311's version below (over both Adele and The Cure).

4) The Doobie Brothers-"What A Fool Believes (Danny Dance Extended Journey)"
I just wanna dance to this under strobe lights.
Is that too much to ask?
Sidenote: Did you know Michael McDonald is a STL native?

5) Fleet Foxes-"Helplessness Blues"
Just today, Fleet Floxes dropped the first single from their highly anticipated follow-up record, "Helplessness Blues" (which drops on May 3).
Even if don't share a love for bearded white men and blue-grass, mountain music, like myself, I still suggest you give them a listen.
My favorite Fleet Foxes song is "Blue Ridge Mountains" (which I listened to on repeat as I drove through the mountains of Tennessee).
It was beautiful.


1) A Race of Angels: Africa Displaced
Amanze would find a song about Africa huh? lol Nevertheless, it's enjoyable. Take a listen.

2)CocoRosie: Lemonade
This video is absolutely weird as eff in the coolest way possible. They don't give a hoot what people think and I love it. Their voices are dope too.

3)Sa-Ra Creative Parters: Hey Love
This song was initially kinda hilarious to me, but the longer you listen to it, the better it gets.

4) Ariel's Pink Haunted Graffiti: Bright Lit Blue Skies



  1. Thanks for the love. Will send new tunes your way soon–and strobe lights :)

    Danny Dance of Dance Is A Feeling Music Blog

  2. New music AND strobe lights? Yes!