Throwback Thursdays.

When I think of hot songs from 2000, these are some of the songs that come to mind. I used to go bonkers for all of these songs. This stuff will never get old to me.

1) Aaliyah: Try Again
I don't know what it was about Aaliyah, but she had every black girl on Earth trying to learn her choreo. Half of us probably looked retarded as all get out, but we definitely thought we were doing something! lol

2) Mariah Carey: Thank God I found you rmx ft Joe & Nas
This is one of those songs where as soon as you hear it coming on, you know its about to go down. I just love this song. And the video?......are they not having the time of their lives? lol

3) Joe: I wanna know
Between "Thank God I found you", "I wanna know", and his album titled "My name is Joe", Joe was having a damn good year in 2000. I absolutely love his voice...what a gem. :)


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