We does this for y'all.

As many of my Clearance Aisle "customers" have noticed, I took a short leave of absence.
Between school, work, travel, an internship, side projects, family and friends, your girl has been busy...but I'm back with avenges!

Even though Spring 2011 is going to be insanity, I does this for y'all!
I've gotten so many request, asking for musical referrals, and we cant leave you guys hanging anymore.

I love to exchange with, or introduce people to new music.
The feeling of discovering a new artist or song that engages me is magical, and I want you guys to have that feeling too.

Besides, we have alot of titillating social, political and overall non-rubbish topics to discuss as well.
So, I'm back...WE are back.
Alert the masses, you mammals.


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