Can I hit it in the morning?

Let's just say, JCole knows what the hell he's doing.
Track after track is pure quality and this is no exception.
When I first heard this song on one of JCole's mixtapes, there was no Drizzy.
But once that young man got on the track, it just worked.
I think this song reminds me of the Drake I used to love years ago.

Jai and I saw Drake at his first US concert at Players Ball.
Allow me to reminisce for a moment *makes dream sequence noise as I look in the air.
Click here for pics from the concert.

We truly kicked it at that concert.
From meeting Drake, to sleeping on the floor with the homies.
It was sa-weet.
I can't wait until I can see JCole in concert.
Now back to the new video.

A few points about the video:
1. I love seeing concert footage.
2. JCole + Drake is always a win.
3. The video girl is cute as a button and their chemistry was totally believable.
4. So good I had to watch it twice.



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