When I little tike in East St. Louis, there were a few movies that scared the crap out of me.

There was Killer Klowns (which I now love),


and Congo.

Yea, I said it, Congo.

That movie, for some reason, freaked me out.
The bad gorillas were just so damn scary.
I know Jai already knows the story I'm about to tell lol.

So one night after I watched the movie, I seriously thought I was going to lose my life.
At one point, me & Jai shared a room.
We both had twin sized beds on opposite sides of the room.
We also had the THICKEST denim conforters ever made.
I was around 7, so lets say I looked like this:

Ok, so I go to bed.
Some time during the night, my crazy self wakes up & thinks I see a bad gorilla in the middle of the room.
It was literally a pile of clothes on a chair, but oh no, I just knew it was a gorilla.
So here I am, peering from under this denim comforter...sweating my BUTT off.
I didn't know what to do.
Because on top of the killer sitting in the middle of my room, I had to pee.

My options were to either pee in the bed, or lose my life.
But the only thing I kept thinking was "If I pee in the bed, I may lose my life anyway." (Courtesy of mom.)
So, I throw the covers back, spring out of the bed, and run for dear life.
I wish I could have seen myself.
Sweaty as hell with fear in my eyes, sprinting to the bathroom.
The next morning, they were looking all over the house for me.
Tell me why they found me sleeping under my bed.
Ahh the memories. lol


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