Music Monday. 2.14.11

This one's for Valentines Day. ;)

1) Lykke Li-"I Follow Rivers" (Tyler, The Creator Remix)
The original was already solid, and I adore this remix that Tyler did as well.
And for all the people who just got hip to OFWGTHA (via the "Yonkers" video), we featured them on The Clearance Aisle this time last year (see here).

2) The Zombies-"Time of Season"
I've been listening to The Zombies alot lately, and this song is perfect for Valentines Day, no?

3) Melo-X-"Orgasmic Audio"
"Put the head phones on your ears babe, and put your hands between your legs, and press play..."
Check out another one of my Melo-X favorites here.

4) James Blake-"A Case of You" (Joni Mitchell cover)
The original is so lovely, and James actually does Joni some justice.
And listen to that James Blake album featured on last week's MM
It's solid.

5) Stephen Marley-"No Cigarette Smoking"
So smooth and sexy; you'll want to smoke to this.
Honestly, I didnt even need Ms.Fionna on the track, but it feels good overall.

6) Cee-Lo Green-"Secret"
One of the sexiest songs via Cee-Lo's "Stray Bullets".
People went Cee-Lo crazy when "The Lady Killer" dropped, but I actually preferred his mixtape over the album.
"...cause the bottom line is. The very bottom line is...y'all got children together."


1) Human Life-"In It Together"
This is the debut single from Human Life's 2010 album "Wherever we are."
I love the whole concept of this video and the look.
He also has a great tone.
The people at 2:30 look like a multicolored verion of the grey Putties from Power Rangers lol.

2) Telepopmusik- "Don't Look Back"
Most mellow, chill song on Earth.

3) Heatwave-"Star of the Story"
I have probably put this song on the blog 1000 times.
But it's one of my favorite love songs in life.
If I had a time machine, I would totally travel back to the 70's and lose my brain cells.

One Love,

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