My name is Cupid Valentino...

...the modern-day cupid, and I just want to say one thing. 

Happy Valentines Day.

To: You.

P.S. As I said earlier on Twitter, please dont be a bitter babe or bloke on Valentines Day.
A holiday that is meant to celebrate the most powerful driving force of positivity in this world...LOVE.
Life is a mirror; a reflection. You pull in what you give out.
You're emitting all that negative, bitter energy...what do you think you're going to pull in? Certainly not love.
Stop focusing on "the horror of not having a valentine", and instead celebrate all of the love you DO have in your life. 

P.P.S. How do guys like my Valentines Day sweater?
My mom, hates it, but I happen to love this thang! lol


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