Community Service.

Ever since Leslie moved to VA, I've been exploring St.Louis' emerging art/progressive culture.
I really enjoy going out to different areas, by myself, and meeting new people with similar interests.
It's so great to see St.Louis grow in this direction.
There are a handful of great venues, but one of my favorites, which you may have seen me previously mention on the blog (here), is Upstairs Lounge.

And every Wednesday, Lane 4 throws one of my favorite events at Upstairs called Community Service.

Not only is Community Service free entry (fucking insane), but the music (an eclectic mix of electro, hip-hip, dubstep etc.), brought to you from my homie Stan aka 18andCounting, is incredible, the interactive videos are interesting and the vibe is just great.
I just love dancing there. Eyes closed, under the strobe lights, just rockin'...

A few weeks back, getting ready for the night. I was battling an insane allergy attack, and I'm pretty sure I roofied myself on accident that night. lol

Stud muffin.

Y ahora, the community discussion.

The gals. :)

Show me your _______. (heart)

One of the many random interactive videos you'll see at Community Service. I call this one "Clipse Kittens":

18andCounting aka Stan

aka the man who makes everyone dance.
3:00am. Courtesy Diner bound.

Jukebox, pals, conversation, coffee and food.
YES! Homemade icecream & a huge piece of cherry pie.
It was so much, I couldnt even finish it myself. Delicious nonetheless.

So, if you're in St.Louis, and you're interested in experiencing something new, head out to Community Service on Wednesdays at Upstairs Lounge.


Check this video shot at Upstairs sometime last year. You can hear me in the background, losing my brain cells at the sight of this hypnotizing cartoon ass. That music, plus that cartoon walk? Stick a fork in me, I was DONE. I had no idea I was that loud, though. lol
"Oh my God...."

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