Is you rolling?

So the young boy Wiz Khalifa make it on to the cover of Rolling Stone. Props.
Last year I would have never imagined this success so soon for him.
Always thought he was dope, but I figured it would be a while before other people got hip.
Guess not lol.

How yal like his hair?
I kinda dig it.
It's much better than his super fade back in the day.

Check out some of his other magazine covers:

He better stop looking so cute on that Honey cover lol.

One love shoppers,

P.S. When Wiz shouted us out!


  1. I know y'all are proud of him. Y'all have been rocking with him for a MINUTE. It's cool to see him on the cover, but he's not at his cutest. Now, the Honey mag cover, on the other hand...

  2. Yeah, he was looking kinda rough on that first cover. lol
    And Leslie is more proud than me. Ha. I havent heard much of his new stuff after "Black and Yellow".

  3. Nor have I, milady. Nor have I......