Mellow Mondays

Hello bargain-shoppers lol, you all are so rad *Theo L voice*.
I'm about to set the mood to match my renaming of this blog's music edition.
Bear with me, there are quite a few tracks to listen to...but it's guaranteed that not a single track will disapoint!
Enough talk, volume...let's go.

1) Black Dub - "I Believe In You"
Watch in amazement....I sure did! Real music...clear a spot on your iPod for this one, guaranteed heavy rotation. Your welcome on this one.

2) The XX - "Shelter"
One of my new favorites.
Adding their library to my collection as we speak.

3) Stateless - "Bloodstream"
For the lovers, creative concept.

4) Cinematic Orchestra - "Familiar Ground"
Regal, enough said.
I wanna blast this through the loud speakers of a 150-bedroom palace.

5) Kings of Tomorrow - "Changes (R&B mix)"
Everyone has felt like this.
If you don't feel the words, you my friend need to "go thru some changes."

6) SiSe - "The Rain (Where Do I Begin)"
New spin on the Oran "Juice" Jones classic.
"That's right, I chilled" lol.
Youtube the original if you dont get the reference.

7) Sebastien Tellier - "La Ritournelle"
I can't pronounce the title...but I can pronounce DOPE (song and video)!

Deep breaths to all,

P.S. S/O to LMo and Jai for allowing me to share with yall.

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