Music Monday. 03.21.11

1) Still Corners-"Dont Fall In Love"
Dont you dare fall in love.

2) Infadels-"Stories From The Bar"
I dont understand why this song hasnt gotten more play.
It's solid.
(And as always, yes, they are European...lol, out of the U.K.)

3) The Weeknd-"What You Need" (Jacques Greene remix)
A sexy little remix of "What You Need", via Toronto's upcoming R&B group, The Weeknd.
I need to groove to this under some strobe lights.
P.S. I love Toronto and I've never even been. I can thank "DeGrassi" and "the Drake years" for that. Ha.

4) Zero 7-"Passing By"
If you're ever in need of good music w/ nice vibes, I suggest you turn to Zero 7.
I always say Zero 7 sounds like a lava lamp looks.
Their music comforts me like no other...
"Who am I to make a judgment of your life? I'm only passing by."

5) Donovan-"Sunshine Superman"
Donovan > Justin Beiber
"Superman or Green Latern aint got, nothing on me."

6) 311-"Champagne"
A Twitter homie (@iAmSexBob_OMB) and I were discussing 311, when she brought up "Champagne".
I forgot how groovy of a song it was, and it was a perfect addition to my First Day of Spring playlist (which included the ever lovely "Amber").


P.S. LMo is busy handeling business in VA, but her Music Monday picks will be up very soon. :)

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