Music Monday. 3.28.11

1) Major Lazer and La Roux-"Colourless Artibella"
One of my favorite tracks from the beyond solid (and dame near impossible to download!) mixtape "Lazerproof". Just reminds me of last summer. *sings* "I wanna get away to feel the sun on my skin. To feel it really sinking in."

2) The Flamingos-"I Only Have Eyes For You"
I was driving home from my internship the other day, listening to Blursday on 88.1 KDHX (one of the best radio stations in the world if you didn't know), and they randomly play this.
I'm telling you, I was so happy and surprised, that it nearly brought tears to my eyes.
My heart just swelled up! (I'm such a girl, I know. ha)
This song is so beautiful and classic, and I used to listen to it all the time in high school.

3) Royksopp-"Poor Leno"
I adore this song. Sure a great "getting ready for the day" tune.

4) 311-"Come Original" (Chopped & Screwed)
I love chopped and screwed music, and this 311 mix of "Come Original" is no exception.
Sidenote: I always giggle a little when he says "Black Eyed Peas are coming full range", it really dates this song.


1) Mac Miller- "Down the Rabbit Hole"
I kinda doubted this kids credibility at first.
Figured people were just feeling him bc he was a white kid associated with Wiz.
BUT...he's quite dope! This song is a perfect example of how his vibes are.
His mixtape "Best Day Ever" is legit. Peep game.

2) Quadron- "Average Fruit"
Here's another mellow song from one of my favorite groups.
They totally get it.

3) Rahel- "Hope"
Great voice. Britain be poppin 'em out! lol

4) Two Door Cinema Club- "Costume Party"
I really like this band. I was first introduced to them on one of my Kitsune Mason mixes.
It's been thumbs up since then. "You think you know. You don't know."


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