Music Monday 3.7.11

1) Angus & Julia Stone- "Big Jet Plane"
I heard this song on a Maybelline commercial and had to inquire.
It's soo seductive and sexy.

2) The Cat Empire- "The Wine Song"
I wanna be at a party, spinning out of control drunk, with this song playing.
I imagine that (if my life was a movie.) :)

3)Zahra Hindi- "Beautiful Tango"
I really enjoy how she sings.
She's got an old school sound thing going on.


1) Beck-"Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime"
Oh, dear. I love this song.
It reminds me so much of a modern-day Beatles tune.

2) Frank Ocean-"Electric Feel"
Alot of people have been flipping over "Nostalgia", the mixtape released by Frank Ocean (who also happens to be apart of Odd Future), but I wasn't caught up in the hype.
I mean, dude is talented, but it's nothing that wowed me initially.
However, a Twitter friend suggested this track, and when I heard him sing that intro line again,"I've been meaning to fuck you in the garden...", it did something to me this time around (probably sounds better because I was under the influence, ha.)
Nice track nonetheless...

3) Beastie Boys and The Notorious B.I.G-"Looking Down the Barrel Of A Gun"
In honor of upcoming Biggie Day, I have to put up one of my favorite hip-hop mashups.
DJ Green Lantern is the man for this remix. I lose my brain cells everytime.


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