Those cheeky Brits.

A few weeks ago, I was blessed enough to win tickets to the Mount Kimbie show from one my favorite stations, 88.1 KDHX.
My best friend Brittani was in town from Philly, so she and my other gal, Kyra, linked up for the show at The Luminary Center of the Arts.

Brit. :)

Okay, so first we saw SoundClash (Black Spade, DJ Needles & 18andCounting) killing ish as usual.
I love seeing these three together, side-by-side.
Their personal DJing styles are really highlighted, and their individual elements build to create this dope, collective sound; Its a real treat to see.


"Ms. Fat Booty"

And as if SoundClash wasn't enough, Mount Kimbie blew my fucking socks off.

This duo from the UK met in college, and have been creating electronic/post-dubstep music together ever since.
They're also good friends with James Blake, and he was once a touring member of their band.
I hadn't really listened to their music before, but they made a fan out of me.
I'm completely smitten with them (like a level 10 on the smitten scale).
Being a huge fan of electronic music, I've always wanted to see it created live, so this show was just amazing.

Check out this solid video from show:
(Music: "Would Know" by Mount Kimbie)

After the show was over, I met Kai (one half of Mount Kimbie).
We chatted, and he was cool as ever.
He forgot what country he was in and tried to give me Canadian money.
Oh, Kai...lol

And he signed my CD (*booty dances with my hands on my knees*).
I can't stop listening!

Moral of the story: If you ever get the chance to see Mount Kimbie live, DO IT.


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