Cole World.

Last Friday was amazing!
Me & my boyfriend were eating at this Mexican joint when I started talking about this chick at work that thought J. Cole was gonna be in town.
Being the huge J. Cole fan that I am, I knew she was mistaken...
Because surely I would have known he was coming.

But hell to the no, she was right.
And we were literally down the street with nothing else to do.
I aint never been somewhere so quick in my life lol.
I almost spontaneously combusted.

He was performing at the downtown pavilion in CVille for the FREE.
Yea, I said it. Free.99
The whole experience was dope.
While waiting we made tie dye shirts and ate free homemade doughnuts. #joy

Before J.Cole came out, this white boy walked on stage and ripped it on the turntables.
He played a mix of new & old school hip hop, electronic, house, and rock.
The entire crowd was literally jumping up and down.
We all danced our heads off.
He set it up real nice for J.Cole to come out.

And when J. Cole came out, oh buddy, it was magnificent.
He performed songs from the Come Up, Warm Up, and Friday Night Lights.
I was a little worried that he wouldn't go in, since it was a free show, but he did his thing.

Even though it was just him and his DJ on stage, there was so much energy.
I give him much respect, because there are rappers out there that have to have their entire crew on stage to feel like they're doing something.
J. Cole just gets it.


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