4/20: Why is marijuana illegal?

I often find myself asking that very question: Why is marijuana illegal?
It never quite made sense to me.
Cigarettes, which cause over 400,000 deaths per year, receive U.S. subsides, yet this natural (practically harmless) plant is the devil's seed?
Naw, it doesn't seem to add up. There has to be a bigger reason to why it's legal, and there is.

Prepare to be enlightened by ,"The Union", an educational and compelling documentary that explores marijuana from every angle.
It tackles nearly every myth with excellent support (provided from UCLA and government studies, Harvard Medical Professors, economist, growers, smokers etc.)

Now, in no way do I believe marijuana should be forced on anyone.
It's a personal choice, and its not for everyone.
However from years of researching this subject, I do believe it should be legal.

Many people pass judgement on marijuana advocates and/or users, and much of that judgement is bred out of ignorance.
If you're going to hold a position on its legalization, the least you could do is properly educate yourself.
I'm talking actual personal exploration on this subject, NOT blindly believing what others (like the government) feed you, and want you to believe.
As if the government has never lied to us with the intent to control? Sure.

So, on this 4/20, take some time out and educate yourself on the facts of marijuana.
If you choose to seek the truth, you shall find it.

"The Union: The Business Behind Getting High"

After watching "The Union" have your views on cannabis changed, and how so?
Also, what information were you most shocked to learn?
Discussion is in order. :)


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