Happy Birthday, Foxy Mama.

Foxy + mama = Foxy mama

Yes, that is my mom as a PYT, and today is her birthday!

As a tween/teenager, my mom and I would get into it all the time.
My dad would always shake his head, laugh and say,"You and your mom are JUST alike. That's why you're always butting heads."
(I'm a Leo, she's an Aries, and we both have very strong personalities. So, you can imagine.)
I now realize that my dad was right; I am just like my mom, and I'm becoming more like her everyday.
The older I get, the better our relationship gets.
She knows everything about me, and she's honestly one of my best friends.
She's smart, strong and hilariously dramatic.
My mom is the shit.

Modern-day mom (with Quincy).

So in celebration of my mom's birthday, here's "Mama", a song from the Spice Girls that describes our relationship perfectly.

I love you, mom!


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