We all get dressed for Bill.

Spring is officially springing in St.Louis!
The trees are beginning to grow their leaves, the flowers are in bloom and this breeze is just sinful.
And as if the lovely weather wasn't reason enough to celebrate, I recently turned in that lovely senior portfolio (*booty dances with my hands on my knees*).
So, you know a celebration was in order.

When my friend Sarah and I found out "Bill Cunningham New York" was going to be showing at the Tivoli Theater in The Loop, we knew we had to see it!
So last week after I turned in my portfolio, we grabbed a few friends and subsequently had our worlds rocked by this film.

As both a photographer and a fan of indie cinema/documentaries, I knew I'd enjoy it, but I didn't expect to fall head over heels for Mr. Cunningham.
I cant stress enough how inspirational this film is; I walked out of theater renewed.
Bill is such a beautiful person. A shining example of what a principled and passionate life can be.
That man deserves nothing but the best. He fascinated me.

And even if fashion or photography doesn't tickle your fancy, I still suggest you see this film.
Bill will teach you life lessons. For example: "If you don't take the money, they can't tell you what to do, kid. Never touch the money."
It's just an all-around great character expose.

Check out a few photos from the day, and the trailer for "Bill Cunningham New York" below:

Cole Haan + the Air Nike Sole = most comfortable shoes I own

The Tivoli , one of my favorite theaters in STL.

Sarah! :) This gal is hilarious.

One thing I love about several hometown theaters, they sell Ted Drewe's icecream, a STL favorite.
I got strawberry. Yum.

We were the only people in the theater. I like it that way.

One of many out of sight people profiled in "Bill Cunningham New York".

The trailer:

I suggest you quickly find a theater in your city that's showing "Bill Cunningham New York", and prepare to fall in love with an 82-year-old white man that you've never even met.
Get to it.


P.S. One of the people I went to see it with was actually in the movie.
She happened to be in NYC that weekend, and went to one of the fashion events Bill photographed.
She was like,"OMG. I was there! How cool would it be if I was in the movie?"
Ten seconds later, we see her friend in the background behind Bill. It was comedy.

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