Jay-Z and Frank Ocean

Aside from 'Ye and Jay-Z collaborating on their upcoming album "Watch the Throne", I'm hella excited about them featuring Frank Ocean on 2 of the tracks.

Frank Ocean is such a talented youngster, and I'm excited that they decided to work together. Kudos.

Ocean has written songs for Justin Beiber, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, John Legend, Brandy, Beyonce, and Nas. So he's had plenty of experience with the big wigs.
I thoroughly enjoyed "Nostalgia, Ultra."

"Watch the Throne" is scheduled to hit stores August 2nd.
And trust I will be taking a listen as soon as I can.

Here's the official tracklist:
01 No Church In The Wild f. Frank Ocean
02 Lift Off f. Beyoncé
03 Ni66as In Paris
04 Otis f. Otis Redding
05 Gotta Have It
06 New Day
07 Prime Time
08 Who Gon’ Stop Me
09 Murder To Excellence
10 Welcome To The Jungle
11 Sweet Baby Jesus f. Frank Ocean
12 Love You So f. Mr. Hudson
13 Illest Motherfucker Alive [Bonus]
14 H.A.M. [Bonus]
15 That’s My Bitch [Bonus]
16 The Joy f. Curtis Mayfield [Bonus]

Do yall think the album is gonna be the best thing since sliced bread? Or is it just being hyped up because its Kanye and Jay-Z?

I already have my opinion...
Excuse me while I go Hammy.


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