Heterosexual Day?

Dear Sao Paulo,
Get It Together.

Sao Paulo, Brazil is being a little bit ridiculous.
A democratic(WHY?) politician by the name of Carlos Apolonario is trying to establish a Heterosexual Day in Brazil.
Dude, really?

I feel like heterosexual day is the equivalent of white people asking why they don't get a history month. Because we said so!
There's no reason the generic form of the population needs a day to celebrate, because what its going to do is create problems.

And yes, people are getting pissed.

He's not creating a heterosexual day out of love for his sexuality, he's doing it out of defiance and unacceptance of others, and that ain't right.
Reportedly a homosexual is killed every 36 hours in Brazil. Shame.

I hope the Mayor doesn't approve it because it would just open the door for all sorts of foolishness.
Keep the peace Brazil.

One Love,

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