Music Monday 8.8.11

1) The Throne-"Niggas in Paris"
Can't wait for this concert.

2) Beyonce-"Party" ft Andre 3000 and Yeezy
This joint is so 90's and I quite appreciate the vibe.

3) Jhene Aiko-"Higher"
Light it up. Roll it up.

4)Wiz Khalifa-"Flowers" ft Big Sean & Curren$y
Does this picture of them make you want to be a rock star or what?!


1) Chad Valley-"Reach Lines"
I adore this song, and I actually purchase his mixtapes.
Chad Valley is to Summer 2011 as Washed Out, Neon Indian and Toro Y Moi were to Summer 2009.

2) Sade-"Pearls"
I recently had the pleasure of seeing John Legend and Sade live in concert for my birthday. "Pearls" is one of my favorite Sade songs, and it was amazing to experience it live.
With the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa, this song was even more powerful.

3) Bjork-"I Miss You"
Can someone play this when I'm out so I can spin around and dance under a disco ball?
It'd make me real happy.

4) The Durutti Column-"Sketch For Summer"
This used to stay on repeat.


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