Girl Walk.

Amanze's homeboy hit us up talking about 4 Loko's and Girl Walk.

So I thought to myself "Girl Walk, you say? Que es eso, mi amigo?"
"Are we about to partake in some sort of drunken trail walk for vagina holders?"

I was a little off.
Have you ever heard of DJ Girl Talk?

He's a dope DJ with sold out shows left and right.
He makes the crowd go wild.
Pretty much like this.
Jai has had the pleasure of seeing him live.

Well, his new CD gave us a reason to dance...
via this movie called "Girl Walk."
The movie is set to the entire 71-minute mash up of DJ Girl Talk's "All Day" album.

Download "All Day" for free here.

This group of crazy dancers in New York literally danced to his entire CD throughout the whole city and filmed it.
It's just awesome and pretty funny as well.

Krupnick, the 28-year-old creative mind behind Internet sensation:

“I think people feel a certain kind of repression in New York whether they realize that or not — there’s not that many directions you can walk in. So I really like the idea of trying to promote that experience of freedom of movement.”

The feature-length music video chronicles one girl’s journey to New York City in search of just that sort of freedom — and she finds it in the form of freestyle dance along the High Line Park, through Chinatown and even down in Zuccotti Park through the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

And you know we were in the club going crazy because partying with white people is just a whole 'nother ball game.

Dancing with no reservations and loving every moment.
Add a 4 Loko to the party and things really get out of control.

Here's a little clip so you get the gist of things.

Poor Amanze, lol.

P.S. There is a Poco Loko now.

They're available in 16-ounce cans at 8 percent alcohol by volume, and comes in four flavors: Green Apple, Black Cherry, Mango and Lemonade.


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