SXSW 2012

Three weeks ago Jai and I went to South by Southwest, and in short, it rocked our worlds....Epically.

For those of you that don't know, SXSW is a annual festival in Austin, Texas.
Its not only for music, but a film and interactive conference as well.
I was there for the music of course.

If you are excited by new experiences, a mix of unique people, and all types of spontaneous music adventures, then SXSW is the festival for you.

You'll also like Austin. It's a beautiful city.
Seriously wouldn't mind living there.

We were in Austin for about 3 days and each day was jam packed with events.
We saw lots of dope up and coming artists,and the cherry on top was that every concert we went to was free....aka: I'm about to lose my mind in this hoe.

And lose my mind, I did.

What's Next Battle Showcase.
Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Bat Bar.
Jhene Aiko

*Notice the frightening bald guy in each picture. Creeper.

Oh, and if you ever plan on going, don't forget to eat.
Usually when I'm on vacation, I expect to gain weight, but not at SXSW.

There is so much going on, and you are literally walking the entire day, that you will forget to eat.
We typically ate one meal and one snack.
We were hungry for talent......yep, I said it.

Tony Williams showed love to STL rapper Rockwell Knuckles by blessing his track.
It was a good look.

S.O. Terik aka dopest show ever.
Kendrick Lamar
ScHoolboy Q
Ab Soul
Jay Rock
BJ the Chicago Kid

*This was my first real mosh pit.
And by real I mean I was a willing participant.
It won't be forgotten.

I'm obsessed with the whole crew(minus Jay Rock)right now.
Sorry Jay Rock.

The Illmore Mansion Party.
Juicy J
Wiz Khalifa
Lola Monroe
Chevy Woods
A$AP Mobb
Big Sean
Theophilus London
Mac Miller

*Juicy J performing "Slob on my Knob" was the crunkest hoodrat shit ever.
I was surprised to have a voice on Friday.

Some Random Venue We Walked Up On
Treasure Mammal

*Yes those are real Shake Weights.

Beauty Bar

*Very talented band.
The lead singer's voice is haunting.

Red Bull Tent.
Erykah Badu
Quest Love

*We met Erykah Badu backstage.
She literally took my phone out of my hand to take the picture of her and Jai.
She's beautiful inside and out.

*Oh, and Jai ganked a bottle of vodka(LIKE A G) from the bar and we got lit...
even though the liquor was free anyway lol.

I'm excited for next year...
You going?

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