Workaholics: Season 1.

I am abolutely in love with Workaholics.

Since I first started watching it a month ago, I've seen all of Season 1 like 10 times.

It is freaking hilarious and redunk!
If you are at all interested in over the top frat boy type of sarcastic humor, then ta da....here you are.
You're welcome.

Some of my favorite quotes from Season 1 include:

"Bitch better have my honey!" (classic)

I'm the God damn neighborhood watch!"

"I was never gonna move out...ya damn fools."

"Got a pee cart coming through."

"Oh, I like that!"

"Can a motherfucka get the check please?!"

"Catherine Zeta Jones....she dips beneath the lazers...Ohoooaa."

"I"m on a real spiritual high right now brother. Real high."

"Let's do it for the dinosaurs"

"I'm a wizard, bitch!"

Feel free to comment or include some of your favorites.
I can talk about "Workaholics" all day! Here's a compilation of highlights from Season 1 and 2. Enjoy.

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