Hollywood Exes.

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This can. not. be real.
Why VH1?
Why the do you believe that the only way black (women) people will be popular on television, is if they are sucking the teet of a celebrity?

Wasn't Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop good enough? Damn.
And these women will now become D-list celebrities, and really think that they are doing something... when all they are really doing is looking strugg-lish.
I mean get your money honey, but damn.

There is no way that I would strive for fame by associating my name with someone elses.
I mean, especially not an ex. Must be cray.

Why aren't there any decent things to watch about black people starting businesses or furthering their education? Lord knows they'd have plenty of material, and I would be interested in watching that.

Help us lord.. just send us help to the executives at VH1.

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