Kids Taunt a Grandmother to Tears.

I watched this and wanted to travel back in time and f*ck some shit up rescue that poor woman.
This is what the world is coming to.
This is who we as a people raising?

Children will be children, yes BUT children would have never pulled something like this back in the day. These children are growing up fueled by the thought of getting famous on the internet.

Well look boys, now you're famous for being totally cruel for no reason.
Good job.

Mugs are out here heckling old women about their weight...like this can't be real.
Out of all of this though,  I do love the fact that people have raised thousands of dollars for this woman.

We support you sweetie...and we wanna give those kids a serious whooping.
With a switch...
OH, maybe one of those thick leather paddles they used to whoop us with in grade school.

Do yal remember those?
That was child abuse, man.
Oh well.
Talk to yal later, ha.

P.S. I'm crazy.

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